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" Friends of JOSE "

After filming Jose, I decided to get people together and see what we could do for him. Getting him back to school has been our goal.

Daniel, Patrick, Tamara, Johnny and Iann, Erl, Barry, Mike, Jim and Ruchel, and myself are the "friends of Jose".  Total of 9 people as of October 2009.

Here are the historic of our action. May this help you to take such an initiative and "walk the talk".

We don't know if we'll succeed, but at least we'll try!

You can donate to Jose to show your support...

Previous months:

Jose 1: October 2008, when everything started

Jose 2: November and December 2008

Jose 3: January and February 2009

Jose 4: March, April, May and June 2009

Jose 5: July, August and September 2009


Actual Story of Jose - Month of October 2009

  • 36) Meeting #13, held on October 31rst at 11.30 am





  • 35) Meeting #12, held on October 3rd, 2009 at 12.00pm. In 2 parts.





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