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- October 2009 -

October  31rst 2009 - Meeting 13 for Jose, big change!





  • October  30th 2009 - Parasites tests results with Lucas and little monsters Halloween style, ready to be adopted in 4 weeks...

***Comment posted on YOUTUBE after uploading the Parasites videos:

"this past July, I was in Quito to visit a friend, however, the day before I arrived, my friend was hospitalized due to a GI bleed; after 6hrs in surgery, it was determined his massive bleed (needing 21 units of blood) was due to parasites, amoeba, ate thru an artery in his colon! He didn't have any symptoms beforehand."






  • October  29th 2009 - Like previous years, Feast of the Dead in Loja.





  • October  27th 2009 - Checking for parasites every 6 months is necessary when you live in Vilcabamba.





  • October  23th 2009 - Mansion for sale in Hacienda San Joaquin. For details click here.







  • October  23rd 2009 - Karaoke on the main plaza of Vilcabamba by a rainy day...Original initiative...





  • October 22nd 2009 - Maria, owner of a grocery store, assaulted with a knife....Info or Intox?





  • October 21th 2009 - "Dragon's blood" and "Macanchi snake liquor" sold in the streets of Loja as natural medicines recommended by local shamans...





  • October 16th 2009 - Plenty of food in Central market of Loja...





  • October 15th 2009 - The puppies are 12 days some opened their eyes to the world.





  • October 11th 2009 - Baseball game between Lojanos and Vilca-Gringos...





  • October 10th 2009 - Picnic on Yambala river...





  • October 6th 2009 - 10.00am, the entrance of Loja  has a road block...The students are fighting for their transportation fare.





  • October 5th 2009 - Balthazar is a famous "curandero" (healer) in Vilcabamba region. He has healed hundreds of people since he is 10 years old.





  • October 4th 2009 - 11 puppies born yesterday, children of Panthera rescued from the street by Nathalie...Just adorable and ready to be adopted in 8 weeks.





  • October 3rd 2009 - Visit with Jim, Ruchel, Barry and Eugenio of a house for rent in Yamburara, 5 minutes drive from Vilcabamba.





  • October 2nd 2009 - Very quiet sunny day in Vilcabamba, main square plaza.



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